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Grilling Delite 20-Pound Ground Beef Bundle

Grilling Delite 20-Pound Ground Beef Bundle

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20-pounds of the most delicious ground beef you will have ever tasted!  We want to make it easy for you to enjoy cooking.  We do not want you to worry about what you are cooking.  Comes packaged in 20 - 1 lb packages. Each 1 lb package will make about 4 – 5 patties. 

Best way to make your burger. Please do not mistreat your burger. Handle this meat with the care it deserves.

Burger Patty Method: For a limited time only, Free patty press             

About this method: Use a patty press, like the one above, this method helps you make a gentle press for shaping the burger patties without getting your hot hands involved. (Even the slight heat from your hands begins to melt beef’s natural fat. Do not overwork the patty with hot hands as you risk melting all the fat that makes a cooked burger juicy before it even hits the pan.) With this method there’s no pre-shaping, no sneaky trick to making the burgers shrink less — it’s almost impossibly easy.

Results: Both the stovetop and the grilled versions of this patty cooked up evenly with minimal shrinking and resulted in a burger with a crispy exterior and juicy, barely pink interior.

Takeaways: The genius of this recipe is in what you don’t do to the beef. No time spent shaping, no poking or probing — you shape the burger into a perfect patty disk while barely touching it. I use a press for this so that my burgers are uniform and easy to make.

Best Size of Patty: In my oh so humble opinion using about 3.5 oz of meat to make a 4” patty is best. It cooks relatively fast ands you can control the cook. Make sure you allow the grill to hit max heat before you place the patties on it. You want a quick sear on each side. For an extra juicy tasting burger add grated butter in to the mix. When you are mixing do not use your hands, use a couple of large forks to pull and toss the meat. Make sure it is COLD before you start. 

Thawing our meat: This applies to ALL our meat. To thaw our ground beef or meat pull it out of the freezer and place in the sink in cold water keeping it in the vacum, it will take about 45 minutes or so to thaw. I always change the water at least once when doing this. Make sure you have plenty of water in the sink. The more water you have in the sink the quicker the thawing process. The water will pull the cold out of the burger or meat. Once thawed open the package or packages of ground beef, place in a large metal bowl and put back in to the frig for at least an hour. If you want, you can add the grated butter and spices now and just let it sit on the top DO NOT MIX at this time.

Click here for video instructions on this process.

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